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Bet you guys didn’t know I had a Kaalia deck primer on MTG Salvation! =D 

I finally found time to post the updated list and go into detail about my decisions (on the most recent page). Take a look and let me know what you think! 


Hey! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while now but I never really had the time to actually go through with it. But now that I have had today off, I’ve gotten a bunch of chores and goofing off done. So I figured, why not get this done too?

What follows is a smallish primer for my Sigarda Voltrontress deck. …okay, maybe smooshing voltron and enchantress together didn’t quite work out, but it’s still valid. The sections correspond with the photo order.

I’ll apologize now for the lack of a “read more” line for now.

1) Deck Overview

I’ve actually written about this deck before but that really only covers how Sigarda got a deck to begin with. To be honest, just playing enchantress was pretty boring. The deck was still pretty resilient and I never had to sink any real money into it, but this was back when Phantasmal Image was a two mana commander kill spell. So it was also pretty frustrating to suit her up just to have her casually brushed aside by any given blue deck. 

Enter Theros. 

I’m not that big of a fan of Theros’s flavor since it felt more like shout outs and references than “magic-styled greece”, but I adored the mechanics. Bestow and Heroic reinvigorated my love for Sigarda. 

I spent some time messing around with smaller heroic cards like Wingsteed Rider and Centaur Battlemaster before deciding that they wouldn’t quite make the cut. The same goes for some of the bestows you won’t see in the list, despite how hard I fought for them to stay. 

The deck doesn’t have explosive starts that S tier decks do, but I would give it a solid A for how consistent it’s been for me. Theros gave it plenty of great budget options so I get to play high level smash for a low cost. All of these cards were either picked up along incidentally or were cheap enough that I could just go out and pick them up as I needed to. 

2) Lands

I run a lot of basics in my two-color decks. All of my good mana-fixing go into my wedges and shards, so two-color decks get to see the most budgety of budgets. 

I will say that I tend to get annoyed with the enter play tapped lands late game when I need to maximize my mana usage. I usually play a basic instead to make sure I can play my cards on time, so I try not to include too many non-basics. With that said, Sigarda is somewhat mana intensive, so it can’t be helped sometimes. 

3) Enchantress

G/W is very well known for tokens. But they’re also the most power pair when using enchantments. Enchantress cards (cards that replace the enchantment you played by drawing you a card) mitigate your risk of getting “2-for-1’d”. For newer players, “getting 2-for-1’d” means that your opponent got to kill two of your cards for only one of theirs. 

In this photo you can see that all of my mana acceleration is aura based. I do this so I can get more synergy with the deck’s enchantment theme. But if someone Strip Mine’d the land I’m enchanting, I lose two cards for one of theirs. Enchantresses replace the card I spent with a new one though, so it equals out. That’s not really what I’m concerned with though. 

Enchantresses are important for keeping your hand filled with options. You need creatures to enchant and enchantments for your creatures. Because my enchantress are creatures, I can suit them up if I need to draw new cards. Ajani’s Chosen and Sigil of the Empty Throne also give me creatures when I play enchantments, so it’s pretty easy to amass a small army even when I’m creature-lite.

4) Removal

The deck is so deep in it’s enchantment theme that even most of the removal is enchantment based!

I love how cards like Oblivion Ring and Banishing Light are essentially catch all removal that can potentially draw me cards. 

Arrest, Faith’s Fetters, and Darksteel Mutation have only gone up in value for me, especially with the pre-constructed 2013 commanders out and about. Locking down Marath, Jaleva, or Prossh is HUGE. Those commanders get stronger each time they’re played, so keeping them from every leaving becomes the only way to keep them in check. 

Wow. Suddenly every movie where the heroes lock up the evil instead of destroying it suddenly makes sense to me. 

5) Voltron Power

Sigarda & Co. have a big wardrobe to pick from when suiting up. 

The Umbras are by far the best enchantments any voltron commander can run. Granting relevant abilities (first strike, vigilance, etc) and a good stat boost is important but the money comes from how they negate your commander’s destruction. Sigarda is already nigh impossible to get rid of if you don’t have a wrath effect. With an umbra on, they’ll need at least TWO IN A ROW in order to deal with her. That or Terminus. 

What I like about the bestow creatures is that they help bring some flexibility to the creature tutors in the deck. They’re strong enough in their own right that they can wear auras but the ones that I’ve kept so far have been the ones I’m excited to bestow onto Sigarda herself. Makes me feel like I’m building a megazord. 

As a minor note, Angelic Destiny was the first mythic I opened at my first ever pre-release. Hmmmmmm…….

6) Restock and Resupply

….come to think of it, why HAVEN’T I put Restock in this deck? I mean, I think the deck is pretty good without it but if you want to get better you’ve got to keep looking at different cards and think about where they could go in your deck. 

The tutors for this deck are super easy to get/afford and end up doing a ton of card selection. I can use Heliod’s Pilgrim to a normal buff aura or I can use her to grab ramp or removal depending on what I need. I used to have Totem Harte-Beest, but she’s just sooo much cheaper. I may end up finding a spot for Elmer later though. A 2/5 body for five isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. 

7) Sigarda and her Amazing Friends

Even a voltron commander can’t do it all on her own! 

Krond is an absolute monster if you get to untap and swing with his enchanted flying lion. He’s another reason why I put up with off-tempo ETB tapped lands. The rest of our back-up voltrons can either be very good (indestructible lion-kitty!!!), or get incredibly large fast. Seriously, turn one Hero of Leina Tower gets hard to kill fast. 

You may also notice that we’ve got three copies of Ajani in the deck. Occasionally I build a deck and it ends up feeling like it just fits a planeswalker. A lot of Cat Dad’s cards play very well with voltron so I kept looking until I had room for Mentor Cat. All three versions that I run do something relevant on any given board state, but Mentor of Heroes outshines them all just for his ability to draw cards or make multiple heroes bigger. Even an 0/2 Mesa Enchantress can be a 3/5 with a little coaching!

Phew, I’m done! I’m glad I finally got to do this! I really love my Sigarda deck now that I have all of Theros to mess around with. It’s super fun to give everyone the ol’ “Shining Finger” when they try to deal with your commander but can’t. 

I’d like to do some more of these with my other decks. Sigarda is an outlier because I built her despite already have a Selesnya tokens deck. I have a deck for every legal color combination in Commander, but only one per combination. If looking at the other commanders is something that enough people would be interested in seeing I’d consider it worth it to write some more mini-primers on them. =)


Dusters 05 - the Banned List Update
The most recent Commander banned list update hits our favorite Commander playing cartoon animals and the Commander Commander makes an unexpected return.


Dusters 05 - the Banned List Update

The most recent Commander banned list update hits our favorite Commander playing cartoon animals and the Commander Commander makes an unexpected return.

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This one has defeated me. I tried colouring it but it just won’t happen.
You win this round, GotG.




This one has defeated me. I tried colouring it but it just won’t happen.

You win this round, GotG.


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I really do love my Kaalia deck. But I can feel it’s sadness at being neglected for the past year…

Hmm….maybe I should do a deck tech about her after I’ve gotten some reps in. 



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glasscobra said: Did WOTC seek the input of the EDH rules council before deciding to make planeswalkers that could serve as Commanders?



The council was very much consulted.

Something important to consider concerning Teferi and the rest of the commanderwalkers

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