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glasscobra said: Did WOTC seek the input of the EDH rules council before deciding to make planeswalkers that could serve as Commanders?



The council was very much consulted.

Something important to consider concerning Teferi and the rest of the commanderwalkers

Commandercast Episode 157- Umm…. Phrasing…. « CommanderCast

We’re back for good this time! No more break! Now we’re gonna be a REAL podcast and bring you new episodes EVERY WEEK. …….sweet Avacyn, what have I done.

This week, we’re looking at M15 and condensing everything awesome about this set into one jam-packed episode! LET’S GET IT! - Cube of Legends (#7970) - List



I got my judge foils today. Dunno if I want to sell/trade Karador or not since he’s my edh general….

Damn. I’m remaking my RUG deck to be all about them Hydras. 

Animar helps them get exponentially big, but I reeeeaally love my Maelstrom Wanderer. 

Damn, I can only pick one. What do I do…

Unexpected Results 031 – I have to put up an article about theme decks the day after jud got featured on dailymtg… There is no way I can live up to that level of thematic consistency. I AM UNWORTHY! « CommanderCast

Brian finishes up his thematic article series, but not after JUD prematurely shows him up (IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN US FEATURED ON DAILY MTG YOU NEED TO)

Let’s Kill: Teysa, Orzhov Scion « CommanderCast

I used to run a Teysa deck. It was glorious. Zombie tokens everywhere. And ghosts. Plenty of ghosts. 

Commandercast Season 13 Epiosde 6: Go Mill Yourself « CommanderCast

Okay, let’s keep it short and sweet: This is our self milling episode! Karador, Mimeoplasm, and all the rest!

Friday Flashback 2- (Social) Contract from Below #1- Fashion Show Commander (or “The one where your humble author takes a crack at fixing the biggest problem in commander”) « CommanderCast

Every now and then it’s a good idea to revisit old articles. So here’s a blast from commander articles’ past that was written by our head editor when he first started. =)  

Rival’s Duel 18- Commander Tournaments « CommanderCast

Rival’s duel time! This week, Nole and Eric discuss the merits of Commander tournaments.

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