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EDH (Every Development Here) is a news column for everything Commander relevant! We’ve been on break, so some of this week’s content is more relevant to our own site rather than in general.

Spawing Pool 6- Inside the Commander’s Studio: An Intimate Evening with Maelstrom Wanderer « CommanderCast

Nole’s our head editor, and he came up with The Spawning Pool! It’s a hodge podge of things that we come up with and this time he’s turned up an interview with the space crab himself, the Maelstrom Wanderer!

Commandercast S13E1 - For the Beginners!

Actually, it’s more about learning how to help beginners more than anything! This was especially relevant seeing as how more of my friends have gotten into EDH and Magic in general. Just what is the best strategy for helping people with their decks? Give them lists? Let them mess around and explore?

elnshaw answered to your post “Right now I’m working on what I’d like to do for our Dragon’s Maze…”

I believe it was great! There were new mana rocks and gates, split cards, new commanders and new cards to even combo with. Great add to EDH!!

Now see, if more people responded like this I’d be much more upbeat about the this upcoming set review. =)

I actually DO like the Cluestones. Competitively, they’re pretty bad. Casually? I think they make great, budget friendly Mind Stones that tap for specific colors. 

conclavemutation answered to your post “Right now I’m working on what I’d like to do for our Dragon’s Maze…”

Still pretty bad i’m afraid. It brought commander the Maze runners, which aren’t playable in standard, but apart from them nothnig much

Ya, I’m looking through the visual spoilers and it’s pretty much the bare minimum in terms of EDH popular/playable cards. That is to say, I don’t see a LOT of these cards getting play. There’s more than one might think at first blush, but it was truly a limited-focused set that was trying to glue together two larger sets before anything else.

Top 15 Reasons a Card is Bad in Commander





Not every card that does these things is bad, but most are.

  1. It only gains life
  2. It only deals direct damage
  3. It only mills
  4. It only gets you closer to winning without positively affecting board position or creating card/mana advantage
  5. It’s only effective with one other card in your deck (not…

Good general rules, so long as you always keep in mind that there are exceptions.

I can sort of agree, but I still feel like I read those rules and think “That sounds like 90% of all Magic cards”

95% of cards aren’t good in Legacy, and the top tiers of Modern decks only use a fraction of that format’s available card pool. Commander is definitely more open to weird/unconventional cards (thanks to the singleton restriction), but it’s still got a limit on what’s playable. Like, there are exceptions to these rules, and lots Commanders can make unplayable cards good. But of the 14,000ish cards in Magic, I’d estimate only 1500-2000 are playable in Commander in some deck or another.

The “one-for-one trade” thing has always bothered me because spot removal is essential for any deck to interact with the other other players. Counterspells that don’t draw are one-for-one trades. Naturalize is a one-for-one that I run in all of my green decks because dealing with enchantments and artifacts is important.

The problem with over thinking value and “two-for-one’s” is that you restrict yourself from potentially playing cards that could greatly smooth out your game.

One-for-one’s are plenty playable as long as you have proper threat evaluation. You don’t want to go around countering, killing, exiling everything in sight. With enough experience, you learn what you really need to focus your removal, which reduces the need to run all-or-nothing board wipes or trying to fight in sorcery speed two-for-ones when what you really needed was just really good, cheap, fast spot removal.

Right now I’m working on what I’d like to do for our Dragon’s Maze review episode. Thought I’d ask everyone what they thought of the set from an EDH perspective. How’d it do in your eyes?

I played EDH with my girlfriend and our friends yesterday. They’re all still relatively new to the format, save for one friend who is the definition of new and really only plays because we asked him too (well, he knows how to play he just doesn’t care enough to actively learn except when he plays with us). 

My friend, Tony, lent him a Prossh deck that he seemed to enjoy. Honestly, I was more surprised by the fact that he was happy he “beat a pro” when he killed me with it. 

I only play my mono-colored decks with this group since they’re my weakest decks, but it reminded me how much perspective changes things. When I first started playing EDH, I would always gun for my now roommate because it seemed like he would pull wins out of his ass like crazy if I didn’t. 

It’s been almost three years since then and I’m actually surprised that my friends look at me the same way I looked at my roommate, Tyler. I’m leagues better than when I first started out, yes, but it’s not like I consider myself to be the Jon Finkel of EDH or anything. I just learned to build better decks and play better Magic. 

But once upon a time I was the new player who thought that every counterspell ever was bullshit, and that blue was the worst color that anyone could ever play. It’s a stark contrast to who I am now that I’ve seen how much fun drawing cards and saying “no” is. 

I’m playing with a playgroup who’re seeing Akroma, Angel of Wrath for the first time and are rallying like an angry mob around lynching her. I can’t say I blame them because I’ve been there before (Merieke Ri Berit, you were my bane back then). But at the same time, there’s a sense of nostalgia and amusement at watching them get excited when they “take down the pro player” or foil my plans. 

It makes me want to ask, how have things changed for you since you started playing EDH? What decks or cards are you playing now that you never thought you’d play otherwise? Are there things you just don’t do now that you’re more experienced?

// The Gods. //




















Now the real question is.. Who will be the brave soul to use all 15 gods in a deck? 

Most likely me


There’s already a guy in my store that does it. He calls the deck what it is: “The Pantheon”.

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Vorthos Cast Episode 1 – Everyone is Bolas « CommanderCast

How about a pilot of a new podcast project we’re considering expanding on during breaks? Guest appearance by zeico

Be sure to let us know if you like it!

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